The Ojo Story

OJO Fashions  |  A Fashion Dream is Born

In March of 2020, when all of our lives changed drastically during Covid 19, I had 2 sewing machines at my home, alot of love and a dream.

Volia- the hot new fashion brand- Ojo Fashions was born.

Fashion has always been a rich part of my life since i was a young child.

Growing up in Upstate New York, sewing with my mother in our family home is one of my fondest childhood memories.  My mother and I enjoyed numerous occasions designing dresses, skirts, shirts, blouses, tops, hoodies, skorts, jumpsuits, onesies, rompers, etc...

My mother's best friend worked at JoAnn Fabrics and sourcing fabrics and consulting with Marlene over coffee was always so warming and fun!

My mother and I created countless beautifully handmade garments for me to wear all growing up.

Training as a classical ballerina, I aquired deep mental focus, perseverence and grace, along with some mad sewing skills. I learned alot about sewing from my dear friend, fellow dancer and ballet company's garment mistress, Kirsten.  She taught me valuable tricks of the trade which have come in very useful during my career.

My small community of Belleville, New York, valued true hard work and handcrafted trade skills and made them priorities in education and in the community.  We had quality Girls Scouts and 4H programs that I also studied sewing and patternmaking.

Mrs Pope, our home economics-(yes!!! running a home is a business and economics!) taught me the fine art of sewing, with exactness and professionalism.  I received an A+ and enjoyed every minute of it.

Canadian born and raised, my mother always held dressing beautifully with high esteem, which she inherited from her mother. The two coupled together dressing stylishly wearing dresses and suits from famous Fashion Designers Elsa Schiaparelli, Valentino, Dior and others.

An extensive love of fashions was curated and my fashion career began during childhood modeling and working at fashion retail stores, jewelry stores in our local mall.

Some favorite modeling jobs include mannequin modeling Vintage Clothing at trade shows and featured ads for Lantern Dancer Gallery in Cowboys and Indians Magazine.

Former fashion career jobs include managing Lantern Dancer Gallery in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. managing the Super Chic BOHO line of Autumn Teneyl Designs and helping my dear sweet friend, Jennifer Babiak create Li'l Skirts- the reversible snapwrap skirt.

(yes, we all love Doris, Autumn and Li'l Skirts Jen but before you rush on over to their websites please continue reading....

My mother's love and fashion sense, classical ballet's ethics combined with deep mental conditioning all combined to create my new fashion line- Ojo Fashions. It's been a fun and very blessed journey arriving here.

Ojo Fashions, Ojo- meaning oasis in English and also God'sEye in Spanish and Catholic Heritages, came to me very organically last fall as my husband and I visited our treasured romantic vacation destination of Ojo Caliente Hot Springs.

Ojo spiritually translates to God's Eye, an often colorful votive or symbol that reflects a confidence in all-seeing Providence and is thought by some believers to have the power to see and understand things unknown to the physical eye.

Celebrating entering my 50th year with deep love of God and family in my heart and soul, plus a confidence gained through years of deep rich experiences of love and life on our blessed planet

I celebrated my 50th birthday by creating Ojo Fashions with love and a passion for fashion and design that blends environmentally ethically sourced designer end abric remenents with Rad Designs

A Fashion Brand for women and men around the world to celebrate style, comfort, uniqueness, beauty and love!

Come Celebrate with Me!

Make Ojo Fashions your fashion statement- Go Ojo